What a JFK Political Party Could Look Like

This is my opinion of what the JFK Party would look like based upon the views held by John Fitzgerald Kennedy at the time of his assassination and upon my views of what is to come:

1. Help the Poor

2. Help the Elderly

3. Force a generous Palestinian Two State Solution

4. Push for Tolerance of All Races and Religions, and that includes Jews and Muslims

5. Rein in the CIA

6. Permit Gun Rights (JFK supported gun rights as a defense against government abuse)

7. Stop all US wars except self defense. Carry a Big Stick

8. Promote the Idea of Helicopter Money

9. Make Israel Join the Non Proliferation Treaty

10. Support No Cold War Escalation with Russia

11. Support Unions

12. Support Heavy Penalties for Hiding Money Offshore or Onshore

13. Support Sovereignty in Deciding Green Issues and Sovereignty Over Dominance by Machines  (This includes being controlled by self driving electric cars.)

14. Root Out and Expose Those Place Allegiance to Israel Before the USA in Our Government

15. Rein in the Federal Reserve but Unless Necessary, Do Not Abolish It

16. Keep the Dollar as Reserve Currency and Promote Negotiated Free Trade with Consideration for Sovereignty of the United States

17. Promote the Oil Industry if Green Is Not Financially Practical (For Example, Paris Accords won't stop global warming according to scientists. Paris rules could dominate us like machines)

Since Donald Trump could not get it right, bigoted and unstable man that he is, it is time for a new political party that could get it right, borrowing from the views of both parties and shunning the globalist views of both the Democrats and Republicans who have totally sold out to world finance.

A JFK political party would likely reject both the Republican and Democratic support of Israel without meeting the party's demands. But it would affirm tolerance of all peoples and religions who are peaceful.

JFK supported sovereignty of the United States, but in a much more nuanced and brilliant way than does Donald Trump, who is making a fool out of himself daily. A JFK Party is needed. Will it happen? Probably not. But the backlash to globalism that we see with Donald Trump is not working out. 


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