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John Mauldin Discusses What Could Go Wrong

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: John Mauldin published an article regarding the economics of Donald Trump. I share many of his views. I think the article deserves to be discussed further. It isn't as if John Mauldin is happy with the continual drive toward negative yields and the new normal. I believe he is like many, willing to fight for higher interest rates within reason and within the economic boundaries that exist. He is on board with the Fed, unlike other central banks, and is willing to risk recession to avoid negative rates: Meanwhile, the Fed is in the middle of a long-overdue policy turn. There’s still a risk that they will find they started tightening just in time for a recession, which is also long overdue. I was convinced last summer that they would push rates negative in that scenario. Negative rates could yet happen, but I thin

Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jewish Theories for Anderson Family Tree

The Anderson Family has talented people from both sides of the tree. The Sephardic side, with Armando Ramirez as Gary Anderson's natural father, has had a professional musician, Columbia University grad,  a leader of a large labor union for nurses, and a professional chef. The goal is to find out more about that side in terms of DNA and history. One thing is certain from DNA testing. Gary Anderson had relatives who lived in North Africa as a smaller percentage of DNA, but a real and significant percentage. He also had relatives who lived in the Canary Islands. That is evident by some admixture tests at Gedmatch.  The English side, with the Fentons and the Wrens, has an interesting history and a trace but certain DNA connection to Ashkenazi Jewish people. The Fentons were mostly English, and they lived mostly in the Northern part of England just south of Scotland. Gary Anderson's mother, Edna Fenton Mass, moved first to Canada and then to the Bay Area near San Francis