Colin Kaepernick and the American Empire

Kevin is arguing on Facebook for a continued boycott of Colin Kaepernick from the NFL. I pointed out a few things to Kevin:

So, Kevin, what if I told you that America lost respect the day JFK was assassinated, and the military industrial complex that our Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, warned us about, took over our nation. So, this is not the nation you think it is. It is not the nation of Ike and JFK. And if you think Colin was spitting in the face of you and me, you don't get it. America is no longer the same great nation, and therefore the flag itself is tarnished, probably forever.
Kevin, you probably are like most Americans, who never knew that the assassination of JFK was a COUP! This coup has resulted in the desire of certain elite to push for a racial war against blacks, and a cultural war against Muslims. It is all part of the plan and you can't see it. I feel sorry for you Kevin McMillan. The day that JFK was assassinated, America turned from a democracy to an empire. Both parties are in on it.
And this same cultural war is a war against gun rights. The war against guns and the war against Muslims and blacks is intimately related, but you probably can't see that either. JFK was a liberal for gun rights. LBJ, victor in the coup, immediately did three things. He restarted the Vietnam war, he passed national gun control, and he stopped America from watching over Israeli nukes. Since my DNA shows some Jewish I can tell you that you have been fooled by the UK and Israel, who have massive control over the United States and its decision making. This isn't about race, it is about other nations and our elite colluding to change America into a hateful and disarmed nation.
And one more thing, the war on terror is fake, the real policy of the US is regime change, and that started with our president being assassinated. Read up on Oded Yinon and regime change sometime. Easy to find on the net. I don't know if Colin Kaepernick understands all of this or not. But he does understand many people are for a culture war, and this culture war is changing some in the USA into mean spirited people. Whether it will change everyone I don't know. I hope not. As a people we remain tolerant for the most part and many who are elite hate that.

It is important to note that most do not have a clue that the USA was the victim of a globalist coup, where Democracy turned to Empire. Yet Donald Trump is also seeking a culture war. He makes people think he is against the globalism in the world. But he really is not. He may oppose a few of their goals, but his goal was to ride to victory through hatred of Muslims and an implicit racism against blacks and Latinos.

Trump, then, is the enemy of true humane sovereignty, and is a solid member of the Empire.

Now, Democracy has become just another code word for regime change. 


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