The Trump Coup Could Impact Stocks

Update: Donald Trump's antiSemitism was muted so that he could gain favor with Israel. He gave Israel the embassy in Jerusalem, and Zionism appeals to POTUS as it is a powerful regime. Trump seems to like powerful regimes, mostly either undemocratic or lacking compassion, and Netanyahu posted a dreadful tweet on the official site that fits what Trump wants. Netanyahu said on August 29, 2018:

 The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.
This, of course, is a dreadful statement. Fascistic in tone. It was published to the official PM Twitter account on August 29, 2018.

So, there is a current Trump coup. Israel got what it wanted from Trump, an embassy. But Trump is a criminal in his own right, and it appears that Israel is staying clear of the controversy. With the conviction and guilty plea of Paul Manafort, the future of POTUS is in doubt. This coup appears to be guided by justice. I do not necessarily subscribe to all that was posted below, so, take it with a grain of salt. It was published in May, 2017.


An interesting commentary was presented on the CNBC website regarding a possible Trump coup. The leak of information regarding Israeli intelligence to the Russians was revealed by highly placed officials in government. Jack Novak, long time columnist for CNBC said this regarding the leaks:

But don't fool yourself into thinking this is OK or even tolerable. The bottom line is that we have some very powerful people in Washington who really don't like how democracy played out this time around and what they do to attack it next isn't going to be any better than what they're doing now.
Luckily the American people remain wisely circumspect about all of this. President Trump's polls aside, the voters are still giving him a decent shot to govern. And unaccountable people in Washington shouldn't be trying to make that decision for us.
I am no fan of Donald Trump. I think he is a racist and sexist and unstable human being who still needs to apologize for his campaign. And he could be doing things that compromise American interests.  Donald Trump may be receiving money in some form from Vlad Putin or his associates. That is a serious offence. It may have been a joke, but insiders exposed the comments accusing Trump receiving money, anyway.

But insiders have known about this possibility before Donald Trump was even elected and the markets were euphoric at the thought of his election.

Regarding the markets, it is obvious that stocks started a massive decline after Trump revealed Israeli intelligence secrets to the Russians. The Washington Post exposed the truth about this sharing of secrets on 5/15/2017. Once Donald Trump did that, he crossed the line when it comes to a nation that simply may have too much influence over the United States of America.

The markets started going down because there are deep pockets that support Israel and they do not want any American, including the president of the United States crossing that nation. Since the betrayal of this intelligence, the press has been working overtime to bury Trump.

I think he should be buried, but not for sharing intelligence of a possible attack on planes, which could include Russian planes. But the laptop ban was known in March, when it was applied to planes coming from certain countries.

So, this intelligence breach may have more to it than the laptop ban. Russia already knew about laptop bans. It was in the news already!

We are finding out more about this issue, as Israel has turned its back on Trump. It turns out there may be an Israeli intelligence agent put in jeopardy from this leak. Is it real news? It could be the real thing, since it is said that Donald Trump specified the exact whereabouts of the efforts to uncover the laptop plot to the Russians.   

Here is my position, personally speaking. I am not going to hide anything from readers:

 I have strong Jewish roots, proven by DNA testing even though I was adopted out at a young age. I simply never will oppose Jews for being Jews. I strongly reject antiSemitism as much as I reject any efforts by any race to establish superiority. Nobody is superior. Money talks, but God will have the final say about all this.

Whether  your ancestors are smarter than the next guy's ancestors, and testing suggests that some races are smarter than others, (although all races have smart people), it is a proven fact that all nations and races have made major mistakes and committed major sins and wickedness in history. Such is the nature of mankind. It is a dark and treacherous history. Smarter has sometimes meant darker and more wicked.

The Germans were among the smartest, and we have Hitler arising from that nation. 

So, the coup that could be coming is not based on an attack on Jews. It is based on a breach with Israel. We have to be clear about this. Is Trump antiSemitic? It is possible, as Trump has spoken of his superior German gene. And clearly, he is closer to Russia than to Israel. The powers that be may end up dictating that it is time for him to go. 

Even an upright man, John F Kennedy, was assassinated soon after David Ben-Gurion resigned while indicating he did not like JFK. That was the first American coup.  I am not pinning the assassination on Israel. It is helpful to point out that timeline, however, in the light of these new developments concerning Trump.

Trump is not such an upright man. People would be happy to see him go for many reasons. He has alienated many people, including myself. People fear his instability. I am not sure he gets that.

But he has a core constituency. Take him out and it could ratchet up antiSemitism. He may have committed a crime against Israel. I don't know. But presidents cannot be legally removed for committing crimes against allies, only for committing crimes against America. 

Certainly the media is having a field day with Trump. He has cancelled his visit to Israel. Israel has turned on him as well. There is a special prosecutor investigating whether Trump received money from Russia. It is likely that the Trump administration knew about the connection between Mike Flynn and Russia and the investigation into that connection, before Flynn was even appointed. A GOP former congressman, David Jolly, has said Trump is finished. 

Let's be clear. Anyone with an ounce of good sense does not want a new cold war with Russian, but the neocons who are tied to Israeli interests have publicly called for a new cold war. So, while Trump appears to be too soft with regard to Russia, the neocons appear too harsh. The world will be a dangerous place either way. 

Small investors may want to decide if they want to hold long or take money out of the market until this potential for a coup blows over. Donald Trump may go down fighting. Unlike JFK, he may bring guns to this battle. We could certainly find out how much power the president of the United States really has in these highly unusual times. The insiders want him out. He will not bow out. His ego will likely not permit it. but, if he is pragmatic he may just throw in the towel. 

Israel wanted an end to the two state solution. The occupation continues. Trump was going to be the one to terminate the two state solution. Israel feels betrayed even though no other nation on the face of the earth could get away with the occupation that now exists against the Palestinians. 

Trump should realize two things. First, he should come clean about Russia or quit the office. Second, he should assess that fighting Israel will be fraught with danger, even if Israel is in the wrong on policies that directly impact the United States. 

US and Israeli relations could sour in a way not seen even as Israel attacked US interests in Egypt back in 1954. However, if the Lavon Affair could not sour this relationship, maybe nothing can. Trump is so compromised by his relations with Russia that he has little moral authority to square off with Israel in a really intense dual.

Kevin O'Leary says the Trump news will go away. He could be right. The stock decline that came with the assassination of JFK was deep but short. The only caveat is whether Trump will fight back, and turn on Israel in a way that would be difficult to contemplate. 

It is interesting that an Israeli official came out with a call for the assassination of Assad. It is chilling that he said it as many Israelis no doubt would like to rid the world of Donald Trump. 


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