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Trump and The Big Renewable Energy Effort

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: With Donald Trump in the news for pulling out of the Paris Accord, we should look at this renewable energy scam and be concerned. Awhile back I wrote about the self driving auto scam. It was pretty easy to prove. But the Renewable Energy Scam is more complex to decipher. The entire green movement cannot be characterized as a scam. But there are elements of it that clearly pass the threshold of fraud. The most obvious fraudulent statements come regarding job creation. Even authors use the following quote to defend the net gain in jobs. But reading the quotation carefully, we see that the authors of the study cited are talking about temporary, not permanent, jobs: There is a reasonable degree of evidence that in general, renewable energy and energy efficiency are more labor-intensive in terms of electricity pro

Trade Deficits, Trump Tirades, Paris Accords

This article was first published by me on Talkmarkets: With Donald Trump facing government and media pressure for his unusual behavior in Europe as well as with the ongoing Russian probes, we at least can interpret his views about Germany and the Eurozone and regarding the Paris Accords on climate change. It is possible to see where he is right and where he is wrong, and where he has no solution other than what could be considered a hostile act. Donald Trump is partially right about Germany. Germany does use the Euro as a hammer to increase trade. If we were dealing with the German Mark, it would be stronger than the Euro, and Germany would not be able to dominate trade like it does.  However, there are other issues at work with the German trade deficit and with trade deficits in general that make the issue more complex. Asset prices and inflation are