The Mainstream Media Attack on US Sovereignty on Climate Change

There is a disturbing behavior taking place with mainstream media on the subject of climate change. The number of articles from US and European media opposing Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accord compared to those backing Trump are disturbingly lopsided in terms of numbers. This does not mean that I support Trump as president. He has to go. He is a racist.

Before listing a few of these articles I have to point out that the science of global warming is in dispute. That is, it is likely that the 1. 8 degree target for the Paris Accord will do nothing to save the world from global warming. It has been said that this is not going to make a difference. Scientists have said this.

So, if it is not going to make any difference, what is the justification for the cost? The cost will be massive, in terms of energy costs and jobs. If jobs are created, most of them will be created in tech areas and not in the areas of rural America that are hurting. And all this for dubious science!

I am not a big fan of Donald Trump. I am a liberal on most issues. For example, I disagree with Donald Trump's efforts to isolate the US regarding economics and tariffs and travel bans because that won't work and is costly to America. That is a misuse of US sovereignty.

But I agree with him that the Paris Accord will steal essential sovereignty from the United States. Few articles even address this. The main stream media is in a frenzy in its attempt to undermine Trump and the US economy.

Here are just a few recent titles:

1. Trump exits Paris accord, is he losing CEO Support?

2. Isolated US lashes out at climate critics

3. Trump's decision to pull out of Paris Agreement branded 'one of the worst foreign policy blunders in history'

4. U.S. Now A 'Rogue State' After Leaving Paris Agreement, Former U.N. Envoy

5. Climate change as culture war: Trump's Paris pullout is a giant middle finger to the left

6. As Paris makes clear, right-wing attitudes on climate change are largely driven by hatred of tree-hugging liberals

7. U.S. Has ‘Resigned’ As Leader Of Free World, Says Fareed Zakaria

I posted this on a Huffpost article for Facebook as well:

The science says 1.8 degree target for climate change will not save the world from global warming. Yet the cost in terms of home energy and jobs will be massive. And that is for NOTHING. Wake up America, sovereignty counts. Europe wants to curtail US sovereignty, and we can't let that happen.
 If you trust the Europeans on this issue, it will ultimately cause you, or more likely, your children and grandchildren to pay dearly. This is my take, I am no fan of racist Trump, but both parties are in trade war mode, and that issue will overtake this Climate Change issue. A recession or even another Great Depression could be the result of trade wars. Lets stop trade wars and then talk about the climate.

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