False Flags

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1. 9/11 Conspiracy:

The list of articles that were once here are now a part of the ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies. I urge you to purchase the book which is in ebook and audiobook form. The ebook is quite inexpensive. I believe it is possible to oppose neocon/Zionist plans for total Israeli world domination without being antisemitic! My natural father was Jewish so I can assure you I am not antisemitic!

Here is a video about the WTC7 or third tower that was brought down on that terrible day:

It Is All About the Third Tower on 9/11

There are other websites with more technical proofs of 9/11 conspiracy, but in a nutshell, the ebook  explains beyond a shadow of a doubt neocon involvement in the attack upon citizens of the United States of America.

2. Neocons and Pat Buchanan:

More on the neocons:

Patrick Buchanan, an historical conservative as opposed to the neoconservatives, but a man I don't agree with on much, has said the right thing about the neocons. He called them the war party. He said no president before W baited the bear to anger Russia, or the old Soviet Union. Baiting the bear is dangerous he says. Read the article here.

There are globalists and there are neocon globalists. The globalists seek control through the power of banking. The neocon globalists seek control of nations through brute force. A plague on both their houses is in order. They are really joined at the hip and usually agree.

However, the bankers can offer you a toxic loans. The neocons can offer you WW3. In terms of national security, the neocons pose the greater threat to world peace and world order. 


3. FDR Coup That Failed:

History of efforts by fascists to control the United States does not stop with current day banksters and neocons (who sometimes agree and sometimes don't).

Past efforts to replace FDR's presidency with fascists has been documented:

Marine Speech Reveals Naked American Power Amidst Coup Attempt

This article is my take on a coup against FDR that almost aligned the USA with Hitler and Mussolini!


4. Sandy Hook Hoax and Umpqua Hoaxes:

Sandy Hook! Must Read

Robbie Parker Claimed to be in two places at the same time. Bad actor turns into a liar!

This is the definitive video that exposes Sandy Hook as the massive hoax that it was. And most likely nobody died. But it is like a false flag, against gun owners and against an armed citizenry. I was for gun control until I learned about this evil and wicked Zionist scam. Zionism is not Judaism. It is a cabal of elitist and includes many non Jewish people like Richard Cheney, Joseph Biden, the Rockefellers, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. This is my opinion only, but if you read their writings and are able to trace their sponsors, you will see I am telling the truth.

Please support my effort to get justice for the Asperger's children, who are being slandered as a group by the fake shootings and connection by both the government and its media to Asperger Syndrome. This is an unjust slander and here is the link to like if you are able to understand that Sandy Hook and Umpqua were complete hoaxes. Links are provided there to help you study the issues carefully. Please do so: https://www.facebook.com/Asperger-Syndrome-Government-Hoaxes-535306059953670/timeline

My natural father was Jewish and I am adopted, but I oppose Zionist/Neocon/Bankster control of the United States. It must be opposed by all of us. This hoax means that the warning by Israel Shahak that the press of the USA would do the will of the Zionists is true. Shahak was a Jewish hero. I wrote about it here.

Be armed if you choose to be, but be peaceful, my friends. We can beat this by refusing debt, by living multigenerationally if necessary, and by not spending all our money. That will force the cabal to pay us more and help us more, but only if we stop the hiding of money offshore by the uber rich...Read More


5. CIA Vaccine Hoax:

The newest disgusting hoax involves the CIA which authorized only one vaccine for Hep B for children in Pakistan, when it takes 3 shots. This hoax has turned the nation against polio vaccinations as well, just as the world is close to eradicating that terrible disease. 


6. Ukraine and Ron Paul

The Ukraine is just more neocon regime change. Ron Paul (I don't agree with his libertarianism but do agree with him on the need for peace) said that the neocons have been meddling in the affairs of the Ukraine since 2004. My thoughts about this terrible dispute are here and here and here.


7. A word about Alex Jones:

Update: Alex Jones knows 9/11 was an inside job. Therefore, his seeming hatred of Muslims makes no sense. I would say he is a plant, one who is kept going by bowing to the globalists on the right who hate Muslims as well, even peaceful Muslims. I hope I am wrong, and that this does not continue, but I just have my doubts about Alex and I no longer trust him. 

Alex Jones has done good work with 9/11 conspiracy, but he is struggling to escape Libertarianism. Libertarianism is a religion of self. And Jones has fallen for it lock or should I say Locke, stock, and barrel. I urge you to read my post about it:

Alex Jones of Prison Planet Is Doing a Great Disservice to America

Understand also that libertarianism is part of the Yinon Plan for world domination. It weakens America. Helping the poor and the elderly strengthens America. Read about Will Rogers to understand this. Excessive debt in American government is a function of rich people hiding money offshore, of the bankers gambling and crashing the economy, etc., not a function of helping the poor!

Alex Jones thought black owners and spokesmen ganged up on Donald Sterling, the Zionist who made racists comments. This is a terrible view. Sterling said words to the effect that Israel treats blacks like dogs and that he is ok with it! Jones cannot even come close to criticizing those who stand up against this Zionist evil. Is Jones a closet Zionist? 

Alex Jones supported Sarah Palin, and this is troubling, as he knows she was bankrolled by the Rothschilds doesn't he? Oh, oh, he could be NWO and pro Zionist, while diffusing the real power behind the hoaxes and false flags he reports about. Say it ain't so, Alex!


8. A word about Noam Chomsky:

Noam Chomsky has stated that the Neoconservatives (neocons), never heard of Yinon Zionism. He both minimizes the affect of Zionism on neocon thought, and minimizes the influence of the neocons with regard to the United States. This is my response to him by way of email:

I wish I could believe you, Noam. I really do. I am given some hope with the peace effort with Iran, but look at the Senate wanting to give a blank check to Netanyahu for war in the middle east. That the neocons, who adopted regime change, did so in a vacuum seems to be untenable. Zionism has always entertained the concept of a greater Israel and regime change:

According to the founding father of Zionism Theodore Herzl, “the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”  According to Rabbi Fischmann,  “The Promised Land extends from the River of Egypt up to the Euphrates, it includes parts of Syria and Lebanon.” http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815
The neocons had to be calling on that tradition for their view of regime change. Barbara Lerner, a neocon, adopted the position of seeking a Greater Israel which would mean continual war and booting the Palestinians out: http://lataan.blogspot.com/2012/01/neocon-demands-us-encourage-israel-to.html

I believe you underestimate the fusion of Zionism and Neoconservatism and you underestimate Zionist control over US foreign policy, which is not 100 percent complete, but is quite a ways along to being complete. Yinon Zionism is simply one manifestation of the vision of the founders of Zionism. Those principles were hardly unknown to the neocons.


Chomsky is right about the UK/US empire murdering millions upon millions of people. I believe it is often because of the Zionist project. Chomsky downplays the influence of Israel in all this murder. I don't buy into his view about Israeli influence.

Chomsky also is right about the evils of occupying the Palestinians. I look upon the doctrine of Zionism, a political doctrine, not a religion, as being very unified. He does not.

Chomsky can't see conspiracy when it is looking him in the face.

I wrote a satire with quotes from leaders of Israel showing the disdain they have for the USA.


My position is as follows. It is my religious belief that Sandy Hook was a hoax. It is my religious belief that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will judge harshly those who propagate these hoaxes and false flags, on the last day. I stand by my right of free speech and my right of freedom of religion as a believer in the New Covenant of Christ, which rejects the fake Zion that exists in Israel. I also stand by my right to reject the Zionist cause globally, while being tolerant of all religions. Zionism, which is behind these false flags and hoaxes, is a wicked doctrine of world domination and hate.

So, to be clear, the Christian Zionists also practice false religion and will face the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the judgement. That judgement will be horrible for these people who have disobeyed God and His Zion and His Messiah.

I tolerate all religions and I tolerate the non religious doctrine of Zionism, which was founded by atheists. I will wait upon the judgement of God, not on any efforts other than to voice my opinion about the truth.

God has shown me that Zionism will be defeated at the return of Jesus Christ, and though it is the most powerful political cabal in the world, it will be defeated and every last Zionist consigned to a horrible eternal punishment.
I am not a lawyer, nor am I a rebel. I am a witness of Christ within me and of His truth which will defeat all hoaxes and frauds and evil. Israel is a sign of the hardening of the Gentiles so elect Jews will now be saved. But, the government of Israel has proven itself to be bad, a fake Zion if you will. See: www.newcovenanttheology.com 


  1. I agree with you about Libertarians too. Ilana Mercer is a self proclaimed Austrian school economist who blogs for World Net Daily. Right away you can see the contradiction. WND is a pro war Islamophobic publication. Mercer claims to be against big government, but when it comes to the War on [of] Terror she supports it because her Jewish antipathy to Moslems and her sympathies with Israel apparently trump her Libertarianism. She refuses to touch the 9-11 coverup. Same with Alex Cockburn of Counterpunch, who suspects the government of everything except 9-11. We live in very dark times ruled by the presstitutes of the whoreporate mess media.

  2. Yes, WND appears to be a Zionist rag, that wants all kinds of division between people in the USA. Mercer info is interesting. thanks, Menachem.

  3. False Flags are the highest form of mind wars or propaganda in my opinion. Maybe wars would be a close second, and there is not much difference. So have you studied this video? I think it is fantastic. I had to watch it five times but now I get it and it happening now.


    1. I like a lot of that video. Thanks. One issue of course is the neocon infiltration of non government NGO's in Russia. Putin is onto it. It makes Putin look anti free speech, but these are foreign influences on speech and on beliefs that filter down to the populace.

    2. You should read Anthony Sutton. I am sure the NGO's were already run by the bankers from day one since they created and ran the USSR.


  4. One man's Neocon Globalist is another's Progressive infiltrator otherwise called a RINO or Republican in name only. The left media makes their viewers that the right can't see them. Since the left don't go to right meetings, they divide continues.

  5. Yes, there is a divide, amongst the uninitiated. But we know that Republicans and Democrats are all globalists. They differ at the edges, but not regarding most regime change, or doing the will of the bankers, etc. They may differ on gun control and on other issues, but on most issues they are all one big cabal.


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