False Flags

I have lost interest in writing about false flags, conspiracies and hoaxes, because of 4 reasons:

1. The American people are thick as bricks and cannot see conspiracy if it hit them in the face.

2. We have a president, Donald Trump, who has refused to release required documents of the JFK assassination, and it just shows that the US government is afraid to be found out.

3. Trump claims many conspiracies that are not conspiracies, muddling the entire conversation like the fascist liar that he is.

4. IMO, the major search engines and Youtube have made efforts to cover up some conspiracies. I don't feel like fighting it anymore. God will judge the evildoers in the Day we are all judged.

So, I just cannot put mental energy into conspiracies, simply because the American people lack the courage to even try. If they don't want to try, why should I try?

9/11 Conspiracy:

The list of articles that were once here are now a part of the ebook, False Flag Murdering Neocon Crazies. I urge you to purchase the book which is in ebook and audiobook form. The ebook is quite inexpensive.

I have over 150 DNA cousins of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and hundreds of Sephardic cousins. I have never been told to back down on my analysis. I will keep a link to the truth, but I am not going to write again on the subject after this article. 

I know Israel was involved in 9/11. But without the Americans, it would not have happened. Without Dick Cheney, it would not have happened. But do not blame Jews. Blame Israeli Zionism. Do not mistreat Jews for the evil of a few.

The attacks on a Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh today by Robert Bowers makes it necessary that we not be like Donald Trump, a hater of men. He has stirred up this hate, and yet he claims no blame. Nothing he does creates blame. I will write against his economics, and his macro politics. And I will oppose his hate.

But we cannot act in hate, no matter what the government does to try to stir it up. It just is not the America way to hate our neighbors. Period.

Here is a video about the WTC7 or third tower that was brought down on that terrible day:

It Is All About the Third Tower on 9/11

There are other websites with more technical proofs of 9/11 conspiracy, but in a nutshell, the ebook  explains beyond a shadow of a doubt neocon involvement in the attack upon citizens of the United States of America on 9/11. Yes, without big oil and other forces in the USA, Israel could not have exerted its will. So big oil is part of the evil here as are the American neocons. But again, I leave it to the reader to search out what they can. I am sorry if I let you down. I know there are 20 percent of Americans who know the truth.


  1. I agree with you about Libertarians too. Ilana Mercer is a self proclaimed Austrian school economist who blogs for World Net Daily. Right away you can see the contradiction. WND is a pro war Islamophobic publication. Mercer claims to be against big government, but when it comes to the War on [of] Terror she supports it because her Jewish antipathy to Moslems and her sympathies with Israel apparently trump her Libertarianism. She refuses to touch the 9-11 coverup. Same with Alex Cockburn of Counterpunch, who suspects the government of everything except 9-11. We live in very dark times ruled by the presstitutes of the whoreporate mess media.

  2. Yes, WND appears to be a Zionist rag, that wants all kinds of division between people in the USA. Mercer info is interesting. thanks, Menachem.

  3. False Flags are the highest form of mind wars or propaganda in my opinion. Maybe wars would be a close second, and there is not much difference. So have you studied this video? I think it is fantastic. I had to watch it five times but now I get it and it happening now.


    1. I like a lot of that video. Thanks. One issue of course is the neocon infiltration of non government NGO's in Russia. Putin is onto it. It makes Putin look anti free speech, but these are foreign influences on speech and on beliefs that filter down to the populace.

    2. You should read Anthony Sutton. I am sure the NGO's were already run by the bankers from day one since they created and ran the USSR.


  4. One man's Neocon Globalist is another's Progressive infiltrator otherwise called a RINO or Republican in name only. The left media makes their viewers that the right can't see them. Since the left don't go to right meetings, they divide continues.

  5. Yes, there is a divide, amongst the uninitiated. But we know that Republicans and Democrats are all globalists. They differ at the edges, but not regarding most regime change, or doing the will of the bankers, etc. They may differ on gun control and on other issues, but on most issues they are all one big cabal.

  6. Please understand these comments above were made prior to the revision of this article. I do not condone Russian interference in our elections. I oppose excesses of globalization. But I also oppose Trump's version of nationalism, which is not a cooperative nationalism like the Westphalia Peace, but rather is a sick fascistic isolationism that is hurtful.


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