While I would hope you would see my discussion on Zionism as a globalist force for evil below this article, I would really also like you to focus on the cashless society. This issue is becoming very important to the world. There are many articles on the subject, but by far, most of them are about the advantages of having a cashless society. Unfortunately, to main street, there are no advantages, and if one falls off the digital electronic payment grid it could be annoying or even life threatening. So here are the articles, most of which were written by me at Talkmarkets.

I don't know if you ever read Dr Werner's work, found in the first article, but Ellen Brown sent it to me and I wrote an article about it. It is exclusive for two days, from the date of publishing, and you are welcome to use it with a link, but more importantly, you should read it. Dr Werner makes some good points warning of totalitarianism and the cashless society.

Do not think that anyone is exempt from the possibility of falling off the electronic payment grid under certain circumstances. I am not just talking about the poor, but also about travelers, and elderly and in disasters. People are getting serious about crashing through the zero bound floor since the Fed can't raise interest rates a measly .25 percent and we are closer to a downturn than an upside.

The Fed is playing a very dangerous game with mankind and, while Yellen is trying to push interest rates up, her minions are calling for negative rates and a cashless society. A cashless society may well be a Zionist Globalist plot to control America. Certainly, whether it is or isn't doesn't change the fact that totalitarian control will be in the power of the government and the Zionists have the most influence over the government.

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