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This blog was originally called Say No to Recourse Loans, which remains an important subject. However, besides blogging about real estate, my interest has mostly focused on globalization and examples of the dark side of globalization, both economic and political.

Still, here is my definition of recourse and non recourse loans as the next housing bubble may not be so forgiving to those who walk away from their loans out of economic necessity or for tactical strategic default reasoning:

 Say No to Recourse Loans: An Explanation of Recourse and Non-Recourse Loans

For new readers here are some basic links that explain what I believe regarding bankers, lending and economics. Banks, lenders and economists hide behind their numbers and make assumptions about risk in order to arrive at a number, a risk number.

But, over time, their little scam has been exposed for the globalist fraud that it is. And here are my favorite attempts to explain all that:

Business Insider Is Starting to Disgust Me Thoroughly

The above article includes an explanation of a law on the books that was not enforced that could have stopped the housing bubble of the first decade of the Millenium!

The Housing Bubble's Most Important Chart

Premeditated Fraud of the Housing Bubble

Neoclassical Economics Is a Cult and a Fraud

Why People Think the Cost of Living Has Soared, and that the Cost of Bread Is Spiraling Higher (My Take)

Wall Street Owes the American People an Apology

Housing as a Store of Wealth: Real Estate Is Too Risky!

Bullcrap Ben Bernanke Has Telegraphed Another Housing Bubble

If Bankers Weren't At Fault for the Last Housing Bubble Why Do They Want More Deregulation?
FHA; Is May 6, 2013 the Day of Reckoning for the New Housing Bubble?

Richard Wyckoff Hedge Fund Stock Manipulation Manual: Shocking and Evil 

Business Insider Is Being Idiotic Today About Walmart's Tank 
Will the USA Declare Independence from the Private Federal Reserve Bank?

Italian Election Results-Business Insider (This includes a lesson on the Great Depression) 

Judge tosses mortgage 'robosigning' case in Vegas - Business Insider's Conflicted History

Interest Rates Will Stay Low in the Midst of Bad Bank Behavior and Paul Ryan's Mistake

Austerity Is Placed Upon America in Three Crucial Way

Margaret Thatcher Died Today and I Am Not Sorry 

The Great UK #interestrateswaps Scam and What About the USA?  


More notable articles:

Are the Damn Bankers Running Out of Collateral? Article List (Bookmark This)


How the Fed is "In a Box" In Terms of Creating Sound Collateral (My Seeking Alpha Article)


Thanks to Japan We Know How Central Banks Can Control Inflation


Ben Bernanke's Diabolical Plan to Turn Mortgage-Backed Securities into Pristine Collateral


My prediction of the new housing bubble reappearing was made in 2009 in the My Tower of Basel article. It appeared on my old bank abuse website:

My Tower of Basel "Oh Crap" Moment  

Protest Bank Abuse 

For many, the attack by the bankers and central banks on the standard of living has been enormous since the housing bubble.* Many will need to understand the advantages of multigenerational living:

 The Economics of Multigenerational Living.


We have been conned, by Greenspan and by the central banks and by neoclassical economics.

What to do about it? Well, we need to set up banks that can lend out without being tied to Wall Street. Ellen Brown's ideas have merit. Then we can let the investment banks fail and the derivatives fail, and still have banks, state banks, that are willing to lend to the real economy.

I have argued that the New Financial Order claims to seek the greater good but that it is a fraud. Perhaps some, like George Soros sincerely believe that world order overcomes sovereign fraud. But I cannot put my faith in a destruction of sovereignty, because the elite NWO types scammed and stole massive amounts of money from the middle classes in the US and elsewhere and left them holding the debt.

And it turned out that the government actually lacked power to stop the bankers. It did the will of the bankers in deregulation and repeal of Glass-Steagall, etc. Watching the bankers and their behavior going forward will show how strong their hunger is for another bout or multiple bouts of easy money predatory behavior against the people.


*My position on Keynesian stimulus versus Neoclassical economics is that Neoclassical means do nothing and let the invisible hand of bankster corruption reign supreme. At least that is how it works out. But Keynesian economics only works if there is real regulation of the bankers. So, as of now:

1: Neoclassical economics helps the bankers.

2. Keynesianism used in a stew of deregulated financial slime helps the bankers.

In a word, or three words, we are screwed. 


If any of you feel that you have benefited from my efforts to simplify our understanding of the fraud contained in the financial cabal, please help me out by purchasing my ebooks and audiobooks and book at I am retired and my only other source of income other than retirement pensions are the books. I have contributed to Business Insider and to Seeking Alpha without financial reward.  

Contact me at bgamall4 at yahoo dot com or bgamall at gmail dot com Thanks for reading!


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