My Anti Globalist Satirical Humor Samples. Enjoy!

Rick Perry Signs Order Allowing Austin to Secede from Texas

Lindsey Graham Comes Out of the Closet, Finally! His Friends Are Shocked!

Netanyahu Wonders Out Loud How He Can Make Holocaust Survivors Into Anti-Semites

America Projects Evil Empire Desires onto Putin. Putin Says US Has Personality Disorder

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Traitor Snowden Exposes Traitor NSA as Private Citizen Conversations Are Passed to Israel

Nevada Supreme Court Forces US Bank CEO to Bend Over and Take It in the Shorts

Russia Finds Trillions of Dollars of Oil Just when Exxon Is Forced Out by the USA

AIPAC Deems Netanyahu Keeper of American Patriotism

CDC Notifies Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor, That He Has Ebulla Virus

Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business News Receives Prestigious Award

Sponsored by the City of Fat, the Slow Satire Festival Is Held in Ireland Yearly

Obama and Cheney Have Unprecedented Joint Press Conference: Is World on the Brink?

Republican John Boehner Awarded a Prestigious Award for His Ebola Work-Betrays Texas

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Called ChickenSh** by Hulk Hogan and Danica Patrick 

Russia Invents Laser Shield for Its Nukes: Hope for World Peace Still Remains 

Netanyahu Hopes that His War Crimes Force Jews Everywhere to Side with Him 

The Failure of Freddy Nietzsche--He Announces that Kabbalah Destroys His Philosophy 

Putin Warns Canadian Prime Minister that He Will Take Over Northern Canada

I Went to a Libertarian Rally Against the New World Order and Punched the Speaker in the Kisser

Fearing a New Isla Vista, Santa Maria Sends Helicopter to Stop Food Fight Near Bank of America
Obama Declares Economics to Be God. The Russians Disagree  

Bumbling British Spies Collect so much Information They Can't Spot a Terrorist Statement on Facebook

Ferguson Police Balk at Body Cams Because of Unwanted Transmissions of Erections and Body Fat

The US and Russia Have Decided to Have a Cruise Nuke Proxy War in Europe 


New World Order Allegiance Drug Is Approved but Has Side Effects

Barack Obama Spit on Martin Luther King's Grave! Looters Blamed for Government Arson in Ferguson 

Zionist Seth Rogaine Told by Newt Gangrene to Get Back on Assassination Horse

Sony Abruptly Cancels Assassination of the Week Series


Facing Depression, Independent Texas Makes Pact with Russia

This Google Car Article Is the Dumbest Article Ever to Appear on Business Insider

Israeli Lap Dog Libertarian Globalist Rand Paul Slated for Important Award

Where Have All the Kennedy Liberals Gone? I Have an Award to Give Out


Pro Zionist Charlie Hebdo Receives "What the Hell Were You Thinking" Award for Throwing Jews Under Bus

Netanyahu Wins the I Am Your Daddy, America, Award for Controlling US Foreign Policy

Senior Israeli Official Betrays John Boehner and Throws Him Under the Bus

Kayla Mueller Is Dead But Netanyahu Said ISIS Is Good for Israel


Feinstein and Durbin Thrown Under the Bus by Warmonger Netanyahu. Presented Prestigious Award

I Can Prove the Fed Is Screwing the USA. The Award of the Millenium Goes to the Federal Reserve!

Israel Awarded Franchisor of the Millenium for Plans to Clone Itself: Second Israel

President Obama Turns Hero, Schedules Resignation and Confession of Government Evil Deeds
Donald Trump Will Grope Ann Coulter to Show Fairness

Donald Trump's Perve Per View TV Network

Satirical News for Week Ending:

News for the Week Ending 10/03/2014

News for the Week Ending 10/10/2014 

News for the Week Ending 10/17/2014 

News for the Week Ending 10/24/2014 

News for the Week Ending 10/31/2014 

News for the Week Ending 11/07/2014 

News for the Week Ending 11/14/2014 

News for the Week Ending 11/21/2014 

News for the Week Ending 11/28/2014

The Week Ending Posts Are Now Finished. They Were Fun to Write and You Can Gain Some Insight From Them.

Disclaimer: These above articles contain satire and humor, and while loaded with truth in my opinion, it is up to the reader to verify the claims of the articles, which are made in jest and are not necessarily proven fact. Some claims are fiction.


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